How to edit content on your site

Text Content

1 - Click on the 3-bar icon in the upper lefthand corner click on Edit Site to access the Editor

2 - Select a text element to access the editor window

3 - Type in the window and view your updates in real-time

Select text to Bold



Add a hyperlink to another page

For title elements, you can choose between 4 heading sizes

Paragraph elements do not have this selector.

To change the font color, click on the Text Color preview

You can choose between preset colors, or click on the "View Color Picker" link to pick a custom color

To update your font size, click and drag the slider to the right to increase the font size, and left to decrease it

You can update the line height in the same way

Line height is similar to updating the line spacing in a word processor.

You can also click on the paint brush icon at the top of the editor window to access the style panel to adjust the spacing around this element

Image Content

There are 2 ways you can add images: as a background of another element or as an independent image element.

To add an image as a background:

1 - Select a container element. Examples of container elements include:

  • Section
  • Row
  • Column
  • Wrapper Div
In this example, a Section element is selected

2 - In the editor window that pops up, you'll have the choice to choose between a color and an image. In this example, we'll choose image.

3 - Next, click on the Replace button to open the File Manager

You can either choose an image that you've already uploaded..

or, upload something new by clicking on the plus sign in the File Manager window, and selecting a file from your computer 

Once you add a background image, you'll see extra options in the Editor Window

Available options:

  • "Repeat Background" repeats the image in the containing element
  • "Fit Background" stretches the image to fit the available space
  • "Parallax" freezes the background image in place, and doesn't scroll with the foreground content
  • "Reset Background Position" resets the background image to its original position
  • "Full Width" makes the containing Section element stretch edge-to-edge on the page

To add an image as an independent element:

1 - Select a container element. Examples of container elements include:

  • Section
  • Row
  • Column
  • Wrapper Div

2 - In the editor window, click on the green +Add Element button

In the next window, select the Wrapped Image element

Selecting "Wrapped Image" makes it easier to animate the element.

3 - Convertly will produce a placeholder image

Available Options:

  • "Replace" allows you to pick a new image file (similar to selecting a new background image above)
  • "Edit" opens up our image editor that allows you to modify the brightness, saturation, or add filters to the image
  • "Image Link" allows you to make the image clickable, with the option to link it to an internal page or external website.

For this example, we'll replace the image placeholder with one already uploaded by selecting the image and clicking on the green Save button


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