Create perfect circle cutouts with the image cropper and border radius tool

1 - After logging in to your Convertly account, select an image on your page. If there is no image to select, you can also add one in.

2 - To crop the image, click on the green Edit button to access the image editing window.

You can crop the image using your own dimensions, or select from one of the presets to automatically crop it.  Your original image will remain unedited, and Convertly will create a duplicate of your image with its new dimensions to use in your project. Once you're happy with the

You can also click and drag the green arrow corners to focus in on a specific point, or move it around to a desired area. Once you're happy with the selected area, click on the green Save Image button.

3 - To round the borders of your image, click on the Border Radius toggle in the image editor window.

4 - Dragging the slider to the right creates a perfect circle. Round your corners as much as you'd like, close the editor window and publish your changes to see your updates live.


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