Adding and linking forms to your pages

1 - You can add a form to any container element. A container element includes Sections, Rows, Columns and Wrapper Divs.

In this example, we'll be adding a form to a column. You can know at a glance if you have a container element selected by the label in the editor window that pops up you click on any element on the page:

2 - In the editor window, click on the green Add Element button

3 - And in the next menu that comes up, select Form

4 - Next, you'll see the beginning of a form block appear on your page, along with a new editor window

5 - This form editor will allow you to do several things:

You can name the form for tracking purposes, add new form fields (more on that below), customize the "thank you" message displayed to your site visitors, customize the "submit" button text, and where you'd like the submissions sent to. After you create conversion points in your site settings, you can even track a submission in Google Analytics.

6 - To add fields to your form click on the green Add Field link. In the window that pops up, you can add a few different field types:


A text field allows you to ask single-line questions, like name or email.


Your visitors can leave longer messages, or ask detailed questions with a Comment field.


Give your users the ability to choose from a list of questions or options.


For simple yes/no questions, a checkbox is a great option. Check if yes, skip if no.


To choose a single option from a list of choices, Radio Buttons provide an easy and familiar interface.

7 - When you're ready, click on the green publish button at the top of the screen to publish your form to your live site.


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